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According to the statistics are pointing at, a student spends an average of 300 hours working on all kinds of papers every term. And it’s exactly why professional writing services have grown in number.

Gradekeepers welcome page is quite straightforward and informative. It asks you whether you’re missing some balance in life, and offers services right away. Well, taking account of all the things to do and to experience through those awesome college years, life may indeed turn into one endless deadline scheduling… The website gives pledge to cope with this issue.

Gradekeepers review in FAQs

How do you order an essay?

Things come easy with an order button, which takes customers to a request form. There is a variety of spaces to fill in here, but 10 or 15 minutes devoted to this section should be accepted understandingly, as the accuracy at this stage will result in a high quality final product. Once a customer pays for the service, a detailed task is assigned to a professional writer, and the work commences. If you are looking for an essay writing gradekeeper website with an excellent interactive interface, then this is it.

How much time does it take?

Fair enough, turnaround time entirely depends on the complexity and length of a specific assignment. One way or another, Grade keepers promise to deal with an average short essay during a couple of hours as from the moment the order was placed.

Will the essay be re-sold?
The answer Gradekeeper give is “no”, they guarantee both confidentiality and authenticity of the texts, along with proofreading and punctuality.
Discounts and perks
To encourage clients to come again and again, Grade keeper put forward their branching bonus offering policy. Different types of discounts are available for those who use this service for the first time, and for the loyal customers recommending the site to friends. Seasonal holidays also presuppose promotional offers. One thing to note though is that these discounts have no bearing whatsoever on the quality of the essays written as that they never compromise on.

Gradekeeper Review – More questions?

No matter how detailed the Gradekeepers review is, it’s rather difficult to foresee every question coming. The website suggests clarifying issues via online chat or 24/7 on-call help desk service, so every detail is covered.